Wednesday, 28 September 2016

the new bob dylan live 1966 box set, and neil innes - protest song - plus hancock and oasis!

Well l have a pretty good idea what l will be listening to over this Christmas - the new Bob Dylan box set of the 1966 tour. A mere 36 discs. I've already got the bootleg box set of Dylan's Genuine Live 1966, which is a mere 8 cds, so, rather sadly, l am really looking forward to this.

Here's the bootleg version l already have (not my copy)

And here's the new official version

All of this after the massive Cutting Edge box set last year.
I really need to get a life.

In the meantime- here's a protest song by Neil Innes, live on Rutland Weekend Television. The man who was plagiarised by Oasis. Check out 'How Sweet To Be An Idiot' by Innes, and compare it to Oasis' 'Whatever'.
I rest my case your honour "Did Magna Carta die in vain" etc...

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

frank - the movie

I haven't posted about movies or books for a while, but one of the recent films l enjoyed was the 2014 one by Lenny Abrahamson - 'Frank', which was loosely based on Frank Sidebottom and other outsider artists such as Roky Erickson, Syd Barrett etc.
It's never going to be one of my top ten movies of all time, but Michael Fassbender was superb in the title role, despite wearing the Frank head for most of the scenes, and the story itself was strangely riveting, at least to my warped sensibilities.
What l really loved though, was the music, of which, there follows a couple of examples.
Very weird, yet catchy and (in the last case) very moving. You will have to watch the film first to get the full emotional impact.
The first clip is from when the newbie to the group (Domhnall Gleeson), first meets and goes on stage with them (at their managers request).

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stoned nudists

Nudists made from stones. 
What's not to like?
Insert your own jokes about them being 'rock hard' etc.

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yougov poll from 2013

I know this Yougov poll is out of date, as it is from 2013, but let's face it, the public's perception will still be pretty skewered if it was done again tomorrow.

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luna has entered the world, and simon and garfunkel - patterns

 To demonstrate how time is flying by, one of my sisters girls (Kelly) has just given birth to her first baby, who her and her partner Jamie have named Luna.
Bloody hippies.
It only seems like yesterday since Kelly herself was this size.
Coincidentally, Luna (La Lune) was also one of the first words l spoke when l was a baby, as l grew up listening to French (it's the moon) as well as English.
There are patterns everywhere if you look long enough. Just don't get started on Dendritic flow systems, Hexagons, Earthquake aftershocks related to crime etc, or you will never leave the internet, as l have found to my cost.

Thinking of Patterns - Here's Simon and Garfunkel, with their take on them.

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strawbs - the man who called himself jesus

Another oldie, with some vocal mannerisms similar to Kevin Ayers. The Strawbs with 'The Man Who Called Himself Jesus'. Mostly known for their rebel rousing hit 'Part of the Union'.

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Monday, 26 September 2016

kevin ayers - shouting in a bucket blues

Kevin Ayers - Shouting in a Bucket Blues.
A man who's later lifestyle l may try and emulate - living abroad and drinking lots of wine. Sounds good to me.

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

hoagy carmichael - song bonanza!

While watching the Keith Richards TV Takeover on BBC4 this weekend, he showed a clip of Hoagy Carmichael, and related the tale of speaking to him on the telephone (much to Keith's delight). As l am also a fan, here's four  of Hoagy's songs, including some lesser known ones.

Am I Blue

Barnacle Bill The Sailor

My Resistance is low

The Monkey Song

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steve jones defacing in flight magazines

When Steve Jones gets bored on long haul flights, he defaces the in flight magazines.
Good man. I only wish l had thought about doing this myself. It would certainly have passed some time while waiting for another round of Jack Daniels to be served.

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

marshall feedback

An inspired and hilarious response in the feedback section for Marshall amps.

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todays sky bet

Fingers crossed!

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self help books by lynda field, and paul mckenna making you happy

More stuff found while cleaning up. All of which belonged to the FPO. Some of the exercises in the self help books have been completed, but l'm not putting that information up here. I've had a quick scan at the self help books, and, probably to no ones surprise, think they are exploitative crap. Then again - l've got issues, but obviously not the only one. Can't comment on the CD, as l've not played it, but if l was a betting man, l would stake a pretty high wager that l never will.

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sonic youth - sugar kane and victoria

Two tracks today from Sonic Youth. I love them both, but prefer the raucous version of The Kinks'  'Victoria', from the 1988 John Peel session. The mistakes just make it better - more energetic and vital, sounding like they're having a great time, which encourages the listener to enjoy it as well. Tight but loose, as the saying goes. They also did 'Rowche Rumble' by The Fall during the session, and l was informed earlier today that my tickets have been booked for The Fall in November, so there's a kind of synchronicity amongst this rambling (somewhere).

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Friday, 23 September 2016

lambchop - up with people

Today's video.
Lambchop - 'Up with people', an old favourite, from their Nixon album. It grows on you the more you hear it.

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the ron mueck exhibition in edinburgh 2006

Also found while cleaning the spare room. Coincidentally, it was 10 years ago to the day that the FPO and myself went to Edinburgh to drink whisky, and catch the hyperrealistic sculptures at the Ron Mueck exhibition. We succeeded in a right royal fashion.
The top three are art cards that were purchased on exhibition day, plus the ticket and programme. Also, there is a framed poster of  'Mask', the stern looking face at the bottom, in my living room. It keeps the parrot in order (or tries to). As you can probably surmise, we pulled over for some food and drink at The Cat Inn on the way there. drink.....
Ten bleeding years!! Where is the time flying away to?

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

old badges

While trying to sort out some crap in the spare room today, l came across this little lot, a load of badges from gig going many moons ago. There were more, but these are all l could be bothered photographing. Now in a plastic bag and stashed away again. 
Christ, l'm a hoarder.

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jon isherwood and mike quinn - apple pie

Two versions of the same song today. Jon Isherwood was a folkie / comedy performer from Portsmouth, who very nearly signed to The Beatles Apple label, hence this song, the 'B' side to his 1969 single 'Old Time Movies' .
When the song got nowhere, Mike Quinn, a Carnaby street boutique owner had a bash with it. Still no joy.
An underrated classic.

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charlotte church on politics, and radicalised children

Charlotte Church - l think l love her.
From here.

And from the same site

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

beans on toast - mdmamzing, a whole lot of loving, and war on war

For a change - three videos by one artist. Jay McAllister, AKA Beans On Toast, someone who's well worth getting into if you haven't heard of him. I must be getting old though, as l was originally introduced to him by Hayley, my young niece. She obviously knows the sort of stuff l like, and hopefully, l'm off to see him in October. He's funny and political. What's not to like?

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the saintly mug l should own

I don't actually own this, but it's certainly something that should have been bought a long time ago.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

primal scream and james at on roundhay, leeds, plus del amitri -don't l look like the kind of guy you used to hate

Had a rather excellent time with Robbo at the weekend, down in that there dirty Leeds. We drove and parked at my brothers house in Beeston, then walked to The Tommy Wass around the corner, where we met and chatted with a couple of characters (Rob and Cat), had a couple of games of pool, and quaffed a couple of throthing ales. Taxi ordered afterwards into town, where more pints were consumed in various alehouses of ill repute, a cool looking old man was asked his age (he was nearly 65), and l asked to be served by a different barman when l entered one of the pubs and went to the counter to be served  (as he was wearing a Liverpool football shirt). Oh what fun we had. Another taxi to Roundhay park, with Robbo arguing about battered husbands with the taxi driver all the way there, and then a miserable attempt at getting in for free, before we crumbled and reluctantly coughed up the dosh. Lots more rounds (but of a more expensive nature) were purchased, in between watching the bands and chatting to various other fans. We managed to get really close to the front, and both thought Primal Scream were a lot better than James, but some others disagreed with us after it had finished (however - we were obviously right). On the way out, we got befriended by a bunch of lads from Dewsbury and Selby who wanted to buy us drinks in the nearest pub, but by the time we got there (stopping for the odd sing song on the way) the pub had just stopped serving, so they buggered off to phone for their lift home, and we, as seasoned alcoholics, walked to the next nearest pub. On the way, we were befriended by some other lads from Leeds, and drinks were purchased for us on arrival, with more songs and chatter continued outside it while drinking. Taxi afterwards back to Beeston for Robbo's customary late night takeaway (dropping off one of the lads on the way), then another taxi to my brothers to eat it. A quick chat with my brother while eating, then off to bed we went. If you're wondering, we managed (as usual) to share a double bed, due to my brothers daughter staying at her boyfriends that evening. I'm amazed she agreed to let us use her room, but it was much appreciated, despite Robbo's snoring.
Sausage sandwich in the morning (Ooeeerrr!), a chat and a drink with my brother and his wife, then back home to watch my recording of the Manchester United v Watford game. A rather damp squib to finish with. But that's another story.

 My one and only picture inside the venue, just as we arrived
 The dodgy looking dark woods we headed through with Leeds scallies afterwards, towards the nearest boozer. We thought we may well be robbed and buggered by them, but sadly, nothing happened.
Damn!!! Had to pay!!
 The only taxi firm we used all day - an excellent and prompt service, despite the hassle the taxi drivers had to suffer from us

 Beer mat from the pub as a momento (because l'm a sad bastard)
 Suppliers of our takeaway at the end of the night 
Given one of these and photographed by Lumineers promotional people on the way out. On their website maybe? 

And a song by James that l haven't heard for ages till they played it, but love. 'Come Home', with the splendid and bitter lyric "After all these years, l've become my peers, l've become the kind of man l've always hated".

Which reminds me of this song. Del Amitri's 'Don't I Look Like The Kind Of Guy You Used To Hate'. Not just for the similar sentiment in the title, but also the lyric "And these tiny symbols of success, like my black chauffeurs forced friendliness, are less the spoils of spiritual wealth, then symptoms of distress".
Another reflective and bitter song, hidden away on one of their 'b' sides (in old money).
By jingo - l know my music!

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labour advert from 1922

A Labour poster from 1922.
Nothings changed much politically since then.

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the ramones first album minus the dead people

The groundbreaking Ramones' first album cover, with all of the dead people removed from it.
What a depressing image.

Remember them this way

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the many faces of jurgen klopp

This gurning buffon is Jurgen Klopp, the manager of the despised Liverpool FC. Rather sadly, the players all seem to love him (apart from Daniel Sturridge), and l think he will manage them to do pretty damn well this year, as he encourages and motivates them to be united as one entity, for one purpose, supporting and assisting each other to achieve their shared goals.
I just wish l felt the same way about Manchester United at the moment.

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Monday, 19 September 2016

the new york bombings, plus prince buster - madness

As I've been out and about the last few days, l didn't know anything about the recent bombings in New York until this evening. I will also admit that l am making a judgement and jumping to conclusions without any great knowledge of the events, but l would like to suggest that any suspected bomber such as Ahmad Khan Rahami that falls asleep in a doorway of a pub / tavern afterwards, rather than going into hiding, is not part of an organised and well drilled terror organisation, no matter what the captured individual or credit seeking organisation may subsequently claim. More like a lone (or small group of) disenfranchised and radicalised person (or persons) with an skewed take on religion and the (in their view) imperialistic war mongering west.
Then again, what do l know?

Here's todays video. The recently departed Prince Buster - 'Madness'

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

a video a day - the doors - light my fire (steptoe and son style)

This made me chuckle, and it's been done so well. The Doors 'Light My Fire', mixed with the theme music from Steptoe and Son.

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Saturday, 17 September 2016

primal scream - carry me home and rocks

In celebration of the fact that l am off to sunny Leeds today to see Primal Scream, James and Wolf Alice at Roundhay Park, a couple of top tunes by Primal Scream.
Saying that, once we have parked the car up and hit town, we will play it by ear and may just stay in town if we are already having a good time.
That's the crazy way us old folks roll. Unpredictably.

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a video a day - michael c hall - lazarus

A rather excellent performance at The Mercury Music Awards from Michael C. Hall (Dexter and Six Feet Under fame) of David Bowie's 'Lazarus'.
I love Six Feet Under and Dexter, but l never knew the good Mr Hall could sing, so this was a pleasant surprise for me. Plus, the song relates on a highly emotional level, knowing, in hindsight, how ill David Bowie was when he wrote it, and the fact he'd have known people would be listening to the song and message within it after he had died.
I think l may have got something in my eye while watching it.

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sky 6 bet

This weekends winning forecasts!!

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Friday, 16 September 2016

the norgaards at richmond, and the clash - complete control

Going out to Richmond tonight with Rocker and Frenchie to catch this mob at The Turf. I,ve seen them before at Frenchie's birthday party, so l know what to expect. Loud and fast songs with punk attitude. Right up my street, especially with my new short haircut!
Drink shall be taken.

Here's one of the songs they do. The Clash - Complete Control. A personal favourite.
"You're my guitar hero!".

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Thursday, 15 September 2016

limmy and the spider

Limmy has done a few videos where he is pratting about with a rather large spider. If you don't like spiders, they are a bit unsettling (to say the least), but the worst one he has stuck up has to be this one, due to the beginning.


I've still got a pretty large spider in my living room which has hidden behind a large bookcase, so every time l am in there l am on edge in case it suddenly appears. Then, despite my fear of them, the large brown bastard is going to meet a horrible end.
I just hope l get it sooner rather than later, as the non stop fear and anticipation will be the end of me if it stays hidden.
I could always clean the living room and move stuff to find it, but let's face it, that's not going to happen in a hurry. Here's Mr Parrot with the defensive bookcase in the background (spider still hiding somewhere)

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a video a day - the only ones - another girl another planet, plus the stranglers and alberto y los trios paranoias

Another pop up on the ipod. The Only Ones 'Another Girl Another Planet', a rather touching love song about heroin, with languid, laid back vocals and a memorable intro.

Rather like another heroin song from the punk wars, The Stranglers - 'Golden Brown'.

And if we're fed up with the dole and the human race - here's a magnificent piss take. Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias -  'Kill'

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

a video a day - the handsome family - weightless again

This just popped up on the old ipod, The Handsome Family's 'Weightless Again'. A classic, full of emotion.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

nasa photographs

NASA released a load of photographs a while ago, probably because they are sick of people doubting that men have been to the moon and back. Here are a few of my favourites.

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