Friday, 12 August 2016

status quo - big fat mama at glasgow apollo 1976

Watching old music  videos on Youtube last night, l stumbled upon this fine piece of work by Rolloverlaydowndown. It's the once mighty Status Quo performing 'Big Fat Mama' from their 'Live at Glasgow Apollo' album (1976), and, as there is no official film of the gig,  Mr Rollover has made one himself, and marvellous to behold it is. He's done some other good and interesting videos, but the way the album inner has been incorporated into this one is excellent.
Plus, rather like when Merry Clayton's voice cracks while singing on The Rolling Stones' 'Gimme Shelter, l love this live version, despite the odd flaw, as the song has such a full sound, and so much energy, especially when it comes back in just after the 3 minute mark.
From when Quo were great, from when l saw them loads of times, and from when Rick Parfitt was a rock god.
Get well soon Rick.

And after a quick search, here are some Status Quo items from amongst my crap.

The sticker that states l have got my tickets for the Glasgow Apollo gigs in 1976

Lewisham Odeon ticket from 1977

Newcastle City Hall ticket from 1979

Glasgow Apollo ticket from 1982

Milton Keynes ticket and pass from their last ever gig!!!  !984!!!!

toodle pip

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