Friday, 5 August 2016

eating dangerously like elvis

Yum yum!
During Michael Portillo's TV programme about travelling around America by train, he stopped off in a diner somewhere for an all American breakfast, that consisted of a peanut butter, jelly (jam to us Brits) and banana sandwich. Despite much trepidation on his behalf, he tucked in, and then, to his obvious surprise, declared it to be delicious.
Knowing that this is also the kind of sandwich that helped kill off Elvis Presley, and never having had one before, l thought l'd give it a go last night.
Result - very tasty indeed, despite my Sun Pat peanut butter being more than two years out of date (although it was only opened prior to making the sandwich). Living dangerously maaaaaaan, and l'm still alive!.
However (and some might say it has already happened), it looks like it the gateway has opened to proceed down the Elvis route.
I'll have to be on my guard against my own laziness and greed, but I don't hold out much hope.

toodle pip

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