Sunday, 14 August 2016

busy day with the garden and stockport

Well, it was a pretty productive day yesterday.
First off, l slaved away cutting the grass (with my fourth lawn mower of the year!), which had gotten unfeasibly long again, and trust me, it took bleeding ages, and there's still a little bit to do. Evidence is below.

Next, after cleaning myself up (a treat for everybody), l drove (with Mr Parrot to keep me company) to Stockport to pick up a load of Mojo music magazines that l bought the day before on ebay. Over 160 of the little beauties for under £14 (plus of course the petrol money). I am more than pleased with the purchase, but at some stage, l am going to need a bigger house for all my crap. Either that, or move out non essentials such as furniture.
Manchester United's first league game of the season later on, and no work till the 20th (apart from a trip to Wales next week), so l'm in heaven!!

toodle pip

Friday, 12 August 2016

status quo - big fat mama at glasgow apollo 1976

Watching old music  videos on Youtube last night, l stumbled upon this fine piece of work by Rolloverlaydowndown. It's the once mighty Status Quo performing 'Big Fat Mama' from their 'Live at Glasgow Apollo' album (1976), and, as there is no official film of the gig,  Mr Rollover has made one himself, and marvellous to behold it is. He's done some other good and interesting videos, but the way the album inner has been incorporated into this one is excellent.
Plus, rather like when Merry Clayton's voice cracks while singing on The Rolling Stones' 'Gimme Shelter, l love this live version, despite the odd flaw, as the song has such a full sound, and so much energy, especially when it comes back in just after the 3 minute mark.
From when Quo were great, from when l saw them loads of times, and from when Rick Parfitt was a rock god.
Get well soon Rick.

And after a quick search, here are some Status Quo items from amongst my crap.

The sticker that states l have got my tickets for the Glasgow Apollo gigs in 1976

Lewisham Odeon ticket from 1977

Newcastle City Hall ticket from 1979

Glasgow Apollo ticket from 1982

Milton Keynes ticket and pass from their last ever gig!!!  !984!!!!

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

john fitzpatrick versus paul pogba and zlatan ibrahimovic

So, Manchester United have just paid a record amount to bring back Paul Pogba from Juventus, and they have already purchased (amongst others) the one and only Zlatan Ibrahimovic, albeit a few years too late. Hopefully, these will both be a success at United, and are both fine figures of men, and outstanding athletes, but l remember the days when United had players that looked like this - John Fitzpatrick, United's first ever League substitute, and a man who's career was sadly blighted by, and then ended by injury, at only 26 years of age.
Times have certainly changed, but not necessarily for the better.

Paul Pogba and Zlatan, from Pogba's Instagram account

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the roast me site

There are plenty of ways to kill some time on the glorious internet, and the Roast Me Reddit site is one of them. Basically, people send in photographs of themselves, and asked to be roasted by others putting up smart arsed and derogatory statements about their picture, some of which, are pretty funny.
No wonder l can never find the time to do some cleaning up or gardening.

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meat grinder accident

Now this is what l call an injury!
It's an X Ray of an arm, after it was caught in a meat grinder.
That has got to hurt, and if it was me, there wouldn't be enough morphine in the world to stop me blubbing like a little baby.
Poor git.

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vinyl collectors are sad bastards - confirmed by ghost world

So this isn't exactly ground breaking news. Rather eloquently summed up by the video clip below from 'Ghost World', at just after 1.15m. 
Sadly, l can relate to it all.

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Friday, 5 August 2016

eating dangerously like elvis

Yum yum!
During Michael Portillo's TV programme about travelling around America by train, he stopped off in a diner somewhere for an all American breakfast, that consisted of a peanut butter, jelly (jam to us Brits) and banana sandwich. Despite much trepidation on his behalf, he tucked in, and then, to his obvious surprise, declared it to be delicious.
Knowing that this is also the kind of sandwich that helped kill off Elvis Presley, and never having had one before, l thought l'd give it a go last night.
Result - very tasty indeed, despite my Sun Pat peanut butter being more than two years out of date (although it was only opened prior to making the sandwich). Living dangerously maaaaaaan, and l'm still alive!.
However (and some might say it has already happened), it looks like it the gateway has opened to proceed down the Elvis route.
I'll have to be on my guard against my own laziness and greed, but I don't hold out much hope.

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