Saturday, 4 June 2016

muhammad ali - the greatest

Muhammad Ali was certainly a flawed and sometimes hypocritical human being, and l have a lot of misgivings upon his attitudes towards women (including his wives), homosexuals, Joe Frazier, and 'White Devils', but he was also an intelligent*, quick witted, devilishly handsome, supreme athlete and entertainer, who wasn't afraid to stand up for his beliefs, no matter what the cost. Just a shame that he didn't retire after regaining the title against Leon Spinks in 1978. If you haven't seen them, check out the interviews Ali did with Michael Parkinson over the years. Fascinating stuff.

The Greatest - and probably the most famous man in the world.

See him fight Superman here.

* Yes, l know he supposedly had a low IQ when tested for call up, but any one who thinks Ali was stupid, is a fucking idiot.

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