Monday, 27 June 2016

danny baker takes defeat to iceland in his stride (with steve mcclaren and chris waddle)

Danny Baker has taken the defeat to Iceland well. Pretty much how any right thinking person should be thinking at the moment.
What a fucking shambles.
Sadly for the country, looking at the bookies odds for the next England manager, things don't look like they are going to improve in any way, shape or form, even if we are already crap.

Here's Chris Waddle's view

And as usual, Steve McClaren talks nonsense - and has a quick go at backtracking at the end.

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Saturday, 25 June 2016

kirsty major's independent article on the voting

A pretty good article in The Independent newspaper by Kirsty Major about the leave vote, and what she thinks it means.
I particularly agree with the following statement, although l think they are already attacking the working class and disadvantaged in our society.

Don’t mistake Johnson and Gove’s political rhetoric for the idea that they care about the people in Hartlepool, Blackpool and North East Lincolnshire. They came for the EU migrants, and once they are out of the way, they’ll come for working class

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shit creek reaction to the vote

I don't know who the artist is that came up with this, but if l find out, credit will be added, as it pretty much sums up my views on the Brexit victory.

##  After some searching this morning, l've discovered that the original cartoon is by Tim Cordell, but the message at the bottom has been changed. The Tim's original can be bought here.

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christine and the queens - tilted live at glastonbury

Favourite song so far from this years Glastonbury Festival.
Christine and the Queens - Tilted, and that girl (Heloise Letissier) sure can move. The BBC showed another performance of this that l thought was even better, but l can't find, so this will have to suffice for now. 

I've now found the version l prefer (below). It shows off her dancing skills more.

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Friday, 24 June 2016

the bullshitting nigel farage is backtracking already

And the backtracking from all the propaganda and bullshit has started already.
Here's Nigel Farage on 'Good Morning Britain' this morning, saying promising money to the NHS in the Brexit campaign was 'A mistake'.
No wonder l am such a cynical pessimist when it comes to politics and the views of the populace.
Ah well, Boris Johnson will no doubt soon be Prime Minister. I'm sure that won't end in tears for the underprivileged in our (now little englander) society.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

my secret stash at work has been found

This note was pinned to my secret stash at work the other day by Kelly, one of my fellow workers. It actually looks a lot worse than you would imagine, as my secret stash is some guinea pig food l had hidden away for Toffee, the pet at work, as everyone else try to just feed it vegetables.
As you can probably guess, l have the food stashed away, and feed it at night.
Now it looks like l'll have to find another hiding place for it. The hunt is on.

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the new york dolls - the best and worst band of 1973

According to readers of Creem magazine in 1973, The New York Dolls are both the worst and the best band of the year.
Now that's what l call opposite opinions.
Personally, l love them. Attitude, danger, sex, drugs and rock and roll, with some great songs and clothes.
What's not to like?

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Sunday, 19 June 2016

james blunt lottery advert

Anyone who knows me will be more than aware that l am in no way or form a James Blunt admirer. However, l do think that in the new National Lottery advert he sends himself up pretty well, and shows he doesn't take himself to seriously.
I'd almost start liking the guy if it wasn't for the songs.

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Friday, 17 June 2016

rick parfitt has another heart attack

Myself and others were going to go to the 'Rock on Windermere' gig this weekend to see the once mighty Status Quo, but it has been announced that Rick Parfitt has had another heart attack after a recent gig in Turkey.
Ironically, the reason we were going this weekend was that we hadn't seen Quo for years, and as they (and us) were not getting any younger, we did think that this might be the last chance to see them before they retired, or mother nature, armed with the icy hand of death, took it's toll on them (or us).
The gig is still going ahead, with Rhino's son filling in for Rick, and it sounds like Rick is making a good recovery, so it's not all doom and gloom, but my reason for going, like the proverbial dead parrot itself, has ceased to be.
Ah well - back to the football and pub, and l wish Rick a speedy recovery, and a long life.

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serge van de put art and the jungle book original artwork

                                              This looks like Mr Parrot first thing in the morning

Serge Van De Put is a Belgium artists who works with recycled materials such as old rubber tyres.
All well and right on, but forget about the recycled part, his artworks are superb, my favourite being  The Gorillas series, which kind of remind me (in some kind of twisted subconscious way) of Baloo the bear from The Jungle Book.

Talking of The Jungle's some of the original artwork from that modern day masterpiece.

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

protect and survive booklet

As promised in the last post - here's the governments 'Protect and Survive' booklet from 1980, on how to survive a Nuclear war, something which, at the time, would not have been too unexpected.

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

remain and survive booklet

For anyone who remembers the impending Nuclear war scares in the early 1980's, and the policy of 'Mutually Assured Destruction', here's a 'Remain and Survive' (in the European Union) booklet based on the government's 'Protect and Survive' booklets from 1980. Very cleverly done.
I'll stick up the 'Protect and Survive' booklet tomorrow for comparison.

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