Thursday, 21 April 2016

a record seller knows his customers

While recently checking out Ebay for an old record (or 'Vinyl' as the kids now call them), l was also shown this selection of other albums available from one of the sellers.
Now, because l am a sad old git, l do already own all of them, but the seller either really knows his market, or Ebay/The Internet are targeting me pretty damn precisely!

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the banned list from the half moon in herne hill

This is the banned list from The Half Moon pub in Herne Hill.
I rather like some of the nicknames - they're pure genius, and something l can really relate to, as myself and friends have also had some stupid ones bestowed upon us.
Found here

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animation of the titanic sinking

This animation of  The Titanic sinking in real time, is actually (to me at least) pretty relaxing, until just near the end. Obviously some of the images must have been just a close approximation, as witness accounts even straight after their rescue would have differed, but l'm so glad there are people out there in the world willing to put the time and effort into making films such as this. It also has time captions of some of the events as they happened, and sound added at appropriate moments. The caption about the passengers still on board about 2 minutes from the end reminds the viewer of what a tragedy the sinking was, as, by then, because it takes so long, you are lulled into believing everyone must have got off, despite already knowing what had happened through numerous films and TV specials.
I've only skipped through chunks of it so far, but if l ever find a load of spare time and a hidden box of acid, l'll be entertained for half the evening, and probably blubbing like a baby at the end.

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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

dom joly is unwell

Or at least Dom Joly has lost weight and been bitten a lot by sand flies during his recent travels into 'The Heart of Darkness' (the Panamanian jungles).
He tweets here

And for those of you who may have been to The Coach and Horses, or seen the play / film of it, yes indeed, the heading idea is a play on Jeffrey Bernard is unwell.

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the strongest argument yet for staying in europe

After a night arguing (in a friendly fashion) with a possible future Conservative MP on Sunday evening, l now wish l had already had access to this photograph, and the best reason yet for wanting to remain as part of Europe. It may even have improved my argument (although a lack of information has never prevented me from arguing).
From here.

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Friday, 15 April 2016

me playing football as a kid

I didn't know there was footage of me as a youngster playing football, but l've been proved wrong

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