Saturday, 20 February 2016

jeremy hunt's student photograph, and following him around

If only this photograph of a young Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt as the Oxford University Conservative Association President was real, instead of being a mocked up one. What unbridled joy could have been had.
Still, it's worth putting up anyway, as this is now the image l have stashed away in my memory banks whenever l think of the NHS destroying Mr **nt (him destroying it, not sadly, the other way round).
And who the hell has 'Streynsham' as a middle name?
Don't start making me angry....
Also, on a related note.
This piss take from 'The Last Leg' was pretty funny, and there should be more of it.  *unt should be followed everywhere, as l'd certainly chip in to help fund a full time tuba (sousaphone) player. Come on somebody - sort it out!

toodle pip

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