Saturday, 20 February 2016

hand written messages at the kfc

When l was at the Catterick branch of KFC yesterday (I'm still not used to having a branch at Catterick!), my order came with a handwritten message at the top, which l did not notice until l had driven away from the premises.
Now this meant l immediately considered two options. First of all, and the one that would have been more likely years ago, was that the girl who was serving me took a bit of a shine to my cheeky charm, and left the message as a flirtatious one off. The second, more likely option, is that she was just being friendly, and leaves a message for most people. Either way, a nice gesture, that enhanced the already joyous experience of purchasing chicken and chips.
I suppose there is also a chance that the staff are slave driven worker drones on less than minimum wage who have no say in the matter as it is now part of company policy, and face instant dismissal if they fail to adhere to the strict work code, in constant fear of losing their jobs, and having to plaster on fake smiles all through their mind numbingly tedious shifts, while waiting for the aching in their feet from standing all day to abate with the sweet relief of death, or the clocking off time, whichever comes first.
I hope it's one of the first two options.

toodle pip

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