Friday, 18 December 2015

michael jackson's children

Prince and Paris Jackson

                               Michael Jackson himself, in various stages of colour and appearance

                        Michael's dermatologist, Arnold Klein (now deceased).  I'm suggesting nothing

It's long been speculated that Michael Jackson's children (his birth ones, not the allegedly interfered with ones), are not genetically his, and anyone seeing them growing up must be pretty blind if they thought otherwise.
However, l've nothing against Michael bringing them up as his own, as long as everyone is happy and taken care of (with no fiddling). It's also good to see Paris having a laugh and doing the moonwalk, but l think that deep down, they may be very damaged individuals, who will be in and out of the news for years to come. Especially the girls.

                              For The Daily Mirror film of Paris doing a short moonwalk - look here.

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