Monday, 30 November 2015

there's a storm a coming - richard hawley

I've been catching up on 'You Me, And The Apocalypse' on Sky recently, and without giving anything away, 'There's A Storm A Coming' by Richard Hawley was used at the end of a recent episode, to great effect, fitting the dramatic conclusion of the particular storyline perfectly.
It was also featured in the recent version of 'Brighton Rock', and l nearly posted about the song after seeing that, but never got around to it (things to do, fish to fry etc).
Myself and a friend (Powlie - l'm thinking of you) argue all the time about who first introduced the other to Richard Hawley (obviously l introduced him), and Cole's Corner is still one of my favourite albums, so to hear Mr Hawley enhancing my movie watching experience, is obviously an added bonus for me.
To make up for my tardiness, here's two versions of the song, one live, and one from the Brighton Rock soundtrack, which features the heavier version l (and film makers) am so enamoured with.
It builds up after about 2.30m.
Superb stuff - expect to hear it in lots of adverts soon.

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