Monday, 30 November 2015

let's all go and bomb syria!!.............sorry, l meant belgium

Here's an interesting short video of how the Syrian conflict has played out over the last few years, and how, to any right seeing individual, it can easily escalate into a much larger conflict.

It's a mess, and l'm not sure what the answer is myself, but l do know that bombing areas in the Middle East, with the unavoidable deaths of innocent men, women and children, is only going to radicalise more extremists, and put the western nations at greater immediate and long term risk, not less. As a start, I'd probably go for sanctions, and preventing / persuading other countries not to buy ISIS / ISIL oil or support them, and try to get the neighbouring countries to sort it out,but l can't see that happening in the in the near future, if at all.
I've said it before, but I'd rather have more freedom and take the risks involved, and show we are a caring encompassing nation that welcomes other races and religions, promoting free speech, as long as it is not preaching hatred and violence. It's already illegal to incite in such a way, but l'll be treading a fine line, as there are a few politicians of the English kind that l would love to punch in the face (at least), and often state this in public, despite me being an easy going kind of fellow.
Anyway, Private Eye have summed some of it up. You can't defeat ISIS by bombing, as they can plan attacks from anywhere, and probably have supporters in all countries, albeit in small numbers (I assume), but as to the answer? It may require a proper, troops on the ground all out war, and who wants that? I'll take my chances with a free and open society any day, and still travel to places such as Egypt, Tunisia, France and Belgium.
Remember to put that on my headstone if l get blown up.

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