Tuesday, 2 June 2015

sepp blatter has resigned!!......oh no hold on...

So, at long last, Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA has bowed to pressure (of whatever sort) and announced his resignation after 17 years.
Only it isn't yet, and he will almost certainly try to sort out a nice deal for himself by backing his no doubt handpicked stooges, whenever the reigns are handed over.
The only surprise is that it has taken so long, and when it all kicked off last week with the arrests in Switzerland, it actually came as a shock, because the bribes, corruption and fiddling had been so epidemic over the years, with nothing being done about it, and Blatter re-elected each time, it felt like it was a never ending season in Hell if you were a football fan concerned about the way the game is going.
Hopefully he will face charges himself, but will no doubt suddenly develop Alzheimer's or something similar and escape the justice he deserves, after all, he hasn't remained in power for so long by being a nincompoop.

There's an excellent book about FIFA corruption called 'Foul' by Andrew Jennings which l highly recommend, but to emphasise how long everyone has been helpless but aware of the seedy shenanigans, it was published in 2006.

John Oliver on 'Last Week Tonight' also pretty much nails the latest developments.

Here's to a bright new future (l very much doubt, as there will still be plenty of people out there willing to be bribed).
At least it's a start (as The Jam would say).

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