Friday, 5 June 2015

cutting the bastard grass - again!

It's been pretty good weather since l finished work this afternoon, so l decided to get stuck into sorting the garden out.  I'd already cut the grass about four weeks ago, but it had regrown way too quickly for my liking, and it was a bugger to do again (Three hours l spent pratting about out there!).
I've also tidied up the paving slabs and an outside storage container, but the shed still has a teeny weeny bit of fine tuning still needing doing.
I've now got bins full of grass and crap, have killed numerous spiders (nearly crapping my pants whilst doing so), l'm knackered, probably smelly (no change there), and l need to have a soak in the bath, despite Mr Parrot screeching that he wants attention..
No work now till Wednesday afternoon, so the bloody sun had better make an appearance, then l can dust off the old hammock.and chill.

 The garden looking tidier

The bin full of crap

The outside storage container looking organised

Unlike the shed!
toodle pip

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