Saturday, 20 June 2015

jungle's well attended funeral

Now that is what you call a send off - the well attended funeral of Jungle in Darlington.  Told you (in an earlier post) that he was a nice guy.

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

the housemartins, stan cullimore and the bopps

More madness from YouTube.  Here's The Bopps, a children's programme from the UK.
The reason l am highlighting it?
Only because one of The Bopps is no other than Stan Cullimore, who used to be in The Housemartins (most definitely NOT Stan Collymore). This l only found out the other day, when l was also made aware that he is now a prolific children's author.
Consider my flabber to be gasted.

And any old excuse will do to show footage of The Housemartins - so here's 'Sheep'.

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the flaming lips and miley cyrus on the conan show

I'm a big fan of The Flaming Lips, and they are at their bonkers best on this recent Conan show appearance with Miley Cyrus, performing The Beatles 'A Day In The Life' with a magical swirling cape.
I also dig Wayne Coyne's longer hair style - very Bolanesque.

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

the death of jungle

Although there is no way that l was a friend of his, and l won't be going to his funeral, l used to see Jungle (who changed his name from the much less frightening 'George') on a semi regular basis back in the day when l used to drink in Darlington a lot, and he is a character that will be missed by many.
Forget the cliche of bikers all being aggressive gits, most of them are approachable, and very pleasant and funny company if you actually make the effort to talk to them, and Jungle was certainly that (as long as you weren't a git).  

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the new kfc at catterick

The new KFC franchise taking shape at Catterick Garrison. It's meant to be one of the first of the new outlets to be opened, and l (as well as many others) can't wait.
I'll have to get around to expanding  the doorways in my house before the gluttony commences, or l'll be sleeping in the streets.

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burnfest - coming soon

Coming very soon to sunny Colburn in the heart of Catterick - the now annual Burnfest!
Wine bar first, then Colburn, then flaking out at about 10pm. Fun for all the family!

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the aftermath of the richmond fire

The aftermath of the fire in Finkle street, Richmond (The North Yorkshire one), apparently started by an 18 year old setting fire to a waste bin in the early hours of last Sunday (he is currently being held in custody as his plea for bail was refused).
Photographs are by Gullwing photography, and if you want to donate any money to help the affected businesses, go here.

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some cool statues from around the world

To save me having to type too much, and encourage you to check out the site l got these pictures from, go here for information about them, plus you can see some other cool statues from around the world.
I'm a bit unsure about the top one though. It's certainly good, but also very unnerving.

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brainwashing mr c

My evil master plan seems to be taking effect. Mr C wears this Spider-man outfit l bought him on a more than regular basis, while wandering around asking for me, and chanting 'Jamie is great' when l am not there.
Well worth the time, effort and money involved, just to annoy his father.
Next up - The Jungle Book and Manchester United.

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

going on the piss with georgie best

A chant that's so simple and effective, it should have been thought about years ago.
'Spirit in the Sky' adapted in honour of the late great Georgie Best.

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Friday, 5 June 2015

an excellent telekinetic coffee shop prank

This is one of the best pranks that l have seen. A woman in a coffee shop gets annoyed and gains Telekinetic powers, much to the amazement of the unsuspecting customers.
Brilliant stuff.

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cutting the bastard grass - again!

It's been pretty good weather since l finished work this afternoon, so l decided to get stuck into sorting the garden out.  I'd already cut the grass about four weeks ago, but it had regrown way too quickly for my liking, and it was a bugger to do again (Three hours l spent pratting about out there!).
I've also tidied up the paving slabs and an outside storage container, but the shed still has a teeny weeny bit of fine tuning still needing doing.
I've now got bins full of grass and crap, have killed numerous spiders (nearly crapping my pants whilst doing so), l'm knackered, probably smelly (no change there), and l need to have a soak in the bath, despite Mr Parrot screeching that he wants attention..
No work now till Wednesday afternoon, so the bloody sun had better make an appearance, then l can dust off the old hammock.and chill.

 The garden looking tidier

The bin full of crap

The outside storage container looking organised

Unlike the shed!
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john oliver taken down by 'the man'

I've just noticed that my earlier posting of John Oliver talking about FIFA corruption has been taken down by 'The Man'.
Luckily the corruption has been rampant for years, so here's another John Oliver 'Last Week Tonight' clip, this time from last year.
Let's see how long this clip stays up, and see you all in jail.
It's been emotional.

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countdown to the european cup final...

It's the Champions League Final tomorrow (still the European Cup Final to old gits like me), and l for one, am really looking forward to it.
I hope Barcelona win it because of the fantastic free flowing football that they can produce, but especially for the little master himself, Lionel Messi, who l have a big footballing man crush on (and have done for some time).

Here's a reminder of the first leg of the semi final, when he destroyed Bayern Munich at the Camp Nou..

I also wish l had a shiny new pound coin for every time the commentator says 'Messi', and let's hope Juventus don't go and spoil the party.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

pensilsword - on a plate

Social commentary?
Class injustices?
True to life?
Still going on?

By Toby Morris / Pencilsword, from here.

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

sepp blatter has resigned!!......oh no hold on...

So, at long last, Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA has bowed to pressure (of whatever sort) and announced his resignation after 17 years.
Only it isn't yet, and he will almost certainly try to sort out a nice deal for himself by backing his no doubt handpicked stooges, whenever the reigns are handed over.
The only surprise is that it has taken so long, and when it all kicked off last week with the arrests in Switzerland, it actually came as a shock, because the bribes, corruption and fiddling had been so epidemic over the years, with nothing being done about it, and Blatter re-elected each time, it felt like it was a never ending season in Hell if you were a football fan concerned about the way the game is going.
Hopefully he will face charges himself, but will no doubt suddenly develop Alzheimer's or something similar and escape the justice he deserves, after all, he hasn't remained in power for so long by being a nincompoop.

There's an excellent book about FIFA corruption called 'Foul' by Andrew Jennings which l highly recommend, but to emphasise how long everyone has been helpless but aware of the seedy shenanigans, it was published in 2006.

John Oliver on 'Last Week Tonight' also pretty much nails the latest developments.

Here's to a bright new future (l very much doubt, as there will still be plenty of people out there willing to be bribed).
At least it's a start (as The Jam would say).

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