Monday, 18 May 2015

the bastard tories have got in again (and tunisia)

I've turned my back for a short time and buggered off to Tunisia, and this is what l have come back to.
The bastard Tories in power again.
The Labour party has been harping on about the fact they never got their economic policies across to the public, but it was obvious to all in their right minds that Ed Miliband inspired no confidence in anyone, and as a party leader, should never have been considered. Much of modern politics is about leadership and charisma, both of which, Ed was sadly lacking of.
I won't harp on about the fact that David may have done better, but Ed was never in the running. It just shows how out of touch the party is with the common man (it's core voters) that it thought they seriously had a chance (especially with the tide turning in Scotland). Also, what a surprise - It hasn't taken long for the Tories to announce that they are having another budget 'With Welfare as a main issue'.
Kiss goodbye to the NHS while you are at it.

The night before my Tunisian trip, I was arguing (what a surprise again) vollisfory (a word that makes sense to me but is not on Google search) with my working class so called comrades, who were going to vote Conservative. I subtly pointed out that they were all fucking idiots who read The Sun and are classic examples of the poorly educated dickheads that get the Tories in, but to no avail (at least they vote).
I can't wait until their benefits and healthcare are cut so l can kick them when they are down, just to prove that l am right (as always, because l am not a nice guy).
No wonder l have so few friends.

Here's a timely part of Robert Tressel's magnificent (although old fashioned to the modern reader) 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist'. One of the greatest books ever written (with thanxs to JB Barrington).

Poverty is not caused by men and women getting married; it's not caused by machinery; it's not caused by "over-production"; it's not caused by drink or laziness; and it's not caused by "over-population". It's caused by Private Monopoly. That is the present system. They have monopolized everything that it is possible to monopolize; they have got the whole earth, the minerals in the earth and the streams that water the earth. The only reason they have not monopolized the daylight and the air is that it is not possible to do it. If it were possible to construct huge gasometers and to draw together and compress within them the whole of the atmosphere, it would have been done long ago, and we should have been compelled to work for them in order to get money to buy air to breathe. And if that seemingly impossible thing were accomplished tomorrow, you would see thousands of people dying for want of air - or of the money to buy it - even as now thousands are dying for want of the other necessities of life. You would see people going about gasping for breath, and telling each other that the likes of them could not expect to have air to breathe unless the had the money to pay for it. Most of you here, for instance, would think and say so. Even as you think at present that it's right for so few people to own the Earth, the Minerals and the Water, which are all just as necessary as is the air. In exactly the same spirit as you now say: "It's Their Land," "It's Their Water," "It's Their Coal," "It's Their Iron," so you would say "It's Their Air," "These are their gasometers, and what right have the likes of us to expect them to allow us to breathe for nothing?" And even while he is doing this the air monopolist will be preaching sermons on the Brotherhood of Man; he will be dispensing advice on "Christian Duty" in the Sunday magazines; he will give utterance to numerous more or less moral maxims for the guidance of the young. And meantime, all around, people will be dying for want of some of the air that he will have bottled up in his gasometers. And when you are all dragging out a miserable existence, gasping for breath or dying for want of air, if one of your number suggests smashing a hole in the side of one of th gasometers, you will all fall upon him in the name of law and order, and after doing your best to tear him limb from limb, you'll drag him, covered with blood, in triumph to the nearest Police Station and deliver him up to "justice" in the hope of being given a few half-pounds of air for your trouble.

And here's some Tunisian photos.

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