Tuesday, 17 March 2015

world cup sweepstake cds



As if l didn't have enough CD's already.
After winning last years World Cup sweepstake with The Afterword crew, l'v finally got around to putting the CD's (a selection of which are above) onto my itunes and ipod.
The losers had to send a CD featuring the music of whichever country they were lumbered with. As you would probably imagine, some of the music is great, and some of it is appalling, but who knows, if they crop up on 'shuffle songs' enough times, they may grow on me, and it least they were all free, and much appreciated.
The blues and Ramones ones are my favourites, but the Croatian Indie Rock was much better than anticipated (how could it not be?).
As for the World Cup itself, that seems a lifetime ago, as time is flying by.

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