Friday, 20 March 2015

serial - the podcast series from an american life

Adnan Syed

Hae Min Lee

Serial is a podcast series, a spin off from 'This American Life', and was one of the most riveting pieces of real life drama that l have had the pleasure of listening to, despite (or because of) the fact the series was dealing with real events, real people, and a real murder. Plus because you are only listening to the show, your mind fills in loads of gaps, and it is easy to become really engrossed and involved with it, probably more so than if you were watching it on TV.
From episode to episode you are left reeling, not knowing what to believe, or who to trust, and swinging from 'That person must have done it' to 'Damn! It's probably that person instead'.
The gist of it is this. The murder of Hae Min Lee takes place in Baltimore, and her ex boyfriend, Adnan Syed, is charged and convicted of the murder, mainly on the testimony of one of his so called 'friends' who said he helped Adnan move the body.
There are phone calls aplenty to Adnan, and interviews with others involved. Court records and statements are scrutinised, and re-enactments of movements undertaken. Even the person behind the interviews and podcasts, Sarah Koening, doubts her own judgement as the evidence mounts one way or another.
I don't want to give away the ending, but all of this is in the present, and still ongoing, and l cannot recommend it enough.
Superb stuff.
It can be downloaded from here.
Do it!

As a bonus, here's the spoof Saturday Night Live Christmas version

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