Sunday, 29 March 2015

the statue of liberty view of new york

An old view of New York that you don't usually see, from behind the Statue of Liberty (designed by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi).
A previous similar version was going to be at Port Said, at the entrance to The Suez Canal, and one design even had the torch on top of the head.
Here's some photos of it being built (and yes, it was copper coloured)

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street art by nuxuno

Some excellent street art, by Nuxuno (I think)

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robin bastard

Just in case it may have have passed you by - there's an election coming up.
Don't forget to vote (my grandfather died for your rights etc...).

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ingenious rabbit makeup

Even though you can look at the stages of it being applied, it is still hard to take in at the end.

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the perfect wine glass

About time this was invented

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bobby the poet - white christmas

Long before the Bob Dylan Christmas album, there was this. A taste of what was to come.
Ladies and gentlemen, l present to you Bobby the Poet, performing 'White Christmas'.
I bet at the time there was no way they would have imagined that their pisstake would come true (unfortunately).

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Saturday, 28 March 2015

how to understand women

If only l had read these in the past.

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scouse monopoly

It's OK for me to take the piss out of Liverpool, as it was home to me
From here

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Friday, 27 March 2015

bad news about mr schrodinger's cat

From The New Yorker, by Benjamin Schwartz.
It's probably been done before (or a variant on it), but it's the first time l've seen it.
Funny and clever.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

nina simone - live in 1968

Nina Simone in concert on UK TV back in 1968.
The first eight minutes of this are especially gloomy, yet uplifting as well. Saying that, the tribute to Dr Martin Luther King at the end is not exactly slack.
Talk about singing it as though you mean it, even in a relaxed soul / jazzy way. Emotional stuff.

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

there may be trouble ahead health and safety poster

From here

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lux lisbon and the bullingdon club

Taking the piss out of the rich Tories?  Tick
Sound like the Killers?   Tick
Wearing funny masks?   Tick
Releasing a single that actually tackles politics and equality?   Tick

This will do for me - Lux Lisbon - The Bullingdon Club
Check the band's goodies (fnaar)  out here.

As for the club itself, here are a couple of photographs of the members (and l mean members).
Want to know who they are?
Go here

I'll say it again - time for a revolution brothers and sisters

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Monday, 23 March 2015

the new carlsberg advert - bikers and beer

The new Carlsberg advert features couples arriving at a cinema to find it full of bikers, with only two seats left.  Do they dare sit down?

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

keith richards is still alive

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the tortured christ - guido rocha

The Tortured Christ by Brazilian artist Guido Rocha. I'm not religious in any way shape or form, but this sculpture is pretty impressive.

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other peoples record collections - dust and grooves


When it comes to records, as with most things in life, l am a sad bastard.
Therefore, l shouldn't be gazing adoringly at other people's collections, as it only makes me envious and jealous. So what on earth have l be doing looking at these this lot, featured in the Dust and Grooves book?
I'm only hurting myself, but if you want to suffer as well, the book can be bought from here.

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Friday, 20 March 2015

polish movie posters

I never tire of seeing old Movie posters, let alone the Polish ones, and here are some of the reasons why. Strange and different from the usual UK and USA versions.
These ones were taken from here, so if you want to find out the titles of the films, visit the site, where a few more can be seen.

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serial - the podcast series from an american life

Adnan Syed

Hae Min Lee

Serial is a podcast series, a spin off from 'This American Life', and was one of the most riveting pieces of real life drama that l have had the pleasure of listening to, despite (or because of) the fact the series was dealing with real events, real people, and a real murder. Plus because you are only listening to the show, your mind fills in loads of gaps, and it is easy to become really engrossed and involved with it, probably more so than if you were watching it on TV.
From episode to episode you are left reeling, not knowing what to believe, or who to trust, and swinging from 'That person must have done it' to 'Damn! It's probably that person instead'.
The gist of it is this. The murder of Hae Min Lee takes place in Baltimore, and her ex boyfriend, Adnan Syed, is charged and convicted of the murder, mainly on the testimony of one of his so called 'friends' who said he helped Adnan move the body.
There are phone calls aplenty to Adnan, and interviews with others involved. Court records and statements are scrutinised, and re-enactments of movements undertaken. Even the person behind the interviews and podcasts, Sarah Koening, doubts her own judgement as the evidence mounts one way or another.
I don't want to give away the ending, but all of this is in the present, and still ongoing, and l cannot recommend it enough.
Superb stuff.
It can be downloaded from here.
Do it!

As a bonus, here's the spoof Saturday Night Live Christmas version

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

the seal to tutankhamun's tomb

Here's another fascinating piece of history.
The seal to Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922. His mummy is below.
Howard Carter must have been wetting himself with excitement before entering inside.

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the titanic - pathe news and charles lightoller

As l am a bit of a saddo, l have been watching a load of old Pathe News films, which used to be shown years ago before the main feature films in UK cinemas.
One interesting item (to me at least) featured the sinking of The Titanic, and film of the survivors.
I know the story has been endlessly told, and has been the subject of countless books, films and articles, but let's face it, it was such an amazing event, that may have been considered slightly too far fetched if it was pitched as fiction, and it is still a fascinating story.
The Pathe film is below, and the photograph above?
It is the last known photograph of the ship before it sank.
Just imagine being on the ship and then surviving, especially if you did it the Charles Lightoller way, staying on the ship till the bitter end, then diving off it, being sucked under a couple of times, and then shot back to the surface, ending up on an upturned lifeboat, and being the last man to board RMS Carpathia, the rescue ship.
Not only that, he also rescued soldiers during the Dunkirk evacuation.
The Titanic story just gives and gives.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

the secret homosexual handshake

Praise the Good Lord that we have people such as Mike Huckabee to prevent us all turning (he would probably say backsliding) and batting for the other side.
No wonder l have ended up in the past performing unnatural acts with gay men in toilets, and have seriously been thinking about changing my sexuality to full on homo.
Maybe there is a God after all - Hallelujah! I am now saved!!.

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world cup sweepstake cds



As if l didn't have enough CD's already.
After winning last years World Cup sweepstake with The Afterword crew, l'v finally got around to putting the CD's (a selection of which are above) onto my itunes and ipod.
The losers had to send a CD featuring the music of whichever country they were lumbered with. As you would probably imagine, some of the music is great, and some of it is appalling, but who knows, if they crop up on 'shuffle songs' enough times, they may grow on me, and it least they were all free, and much appreciated.
The blues and Ramones ones are my favourites, but the Croatian Indie Rock was much better than anticipated (how could it not be?).
As for the World Cup itself, that seems a lifetime ago, as time is flying by.

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