Tuesday, 30 December 2014

the bhutan postage sevice

When Burt Todd took control of the Bhutan postal service, who would have guessed that they would be the forerunners in innovative stamp designs?
I collected some foreign stamps when l was a kid, but Mr Todd has whetted my appetite again, making me hanker for a collection of these little beauties.
What's so special about them? Well, where do l start?
They are only issued in formats that where well ahead of their time.  Scented, silk, 3D, lenticular, metallic, and even little records that play the Bhutan national anthem, folk songs, and a recording of Burt Todd himself. Recent ones are even CD Rom.
Pure genius, and if l wore a hat, l would take it off to them.
There's a lot more information about the stamps, the country, and Burt Todd on this highly recommended site.

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