Monday, 8 December 2014

johnny's cafe at camp centre and progress

To anyone living in the Catterick Garrison area, Johnny's cafes were one of the main places to hang out, eat cheese and onion rolls, and talk crap. Obviously only the location has changed, as plenty of rolls are still eaten, and trust me, the crap is flowing as steadily as ever, but it's a shame that they have now gone, this one by Camp Centre roundabout being replaced by an Aldi (or Lidl, l forget which one).
Much as l love the addition of new shops to the area, buildings such as this, the Camp Centre post office, The Walkerville hotel / Stax / Scorpion nightclub, and the Colburn Lodge should have been given historical status and preserved. They are what gave the Garrison an identity (apart from the thousands of soldiers passing through).
Bloody progress!!!!!
Saying that,  l'm still looking forward to the new cinema and KFC outlet.  Sitting in the dark watching films, and eating plenty of Southern Fried Chicken.
As before, only the venues will have changed, as l already do that at home (way too often).

The Colburn Lodge earlier in the year, awaiting development. It looks a lot worse now.

toodle pip

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