Thursday, 18 September 2014

batman fights dracula, and dragula, queen of darkness.

Rather sadly, a film l will probably never see.  Batman fights Dracula, a rather strange looking Filipino offering that is now considered lost.
I know it will probably be crap, but l can imagine it being soooooo buttock clenchingly bad, it will be hilarious.
I also think Adam West (and his costume) must have been unavailable at the time of shooting.

On a related note, here's a comic strip that not many have seen - Dragula,Queen of Darkness (from here).  Originally featured in National Lampoon 1971.

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another haircut, deep purple, and more bleeding books

Today's charity shop purchases are above, while the ones below l have just finished reading.

As if l didn't have enough books lurking around the house waiting to be read.  Here's todays purchases, plus some l have just finished.
As l had a spare five minutes before leaving the house, and my hair was getting too long for my liking, l also decided to give myself a haircut, hence the mess in the waste paper basket.
I can now try and convince myself l look like Ian Gillan (from Deep Purple) in the clip below (Smoke on the Water - New York 1973).

I'm either losing my marbles, or l need my cataracts seeing to.

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raury - god's whisper

Also loving this.  Raury - God's Whisper, which l heard for the first time on the radio a couple of nights ago.
Never heard of him before, but l can see l may have to check out more tracks on Spotify and get downloading.
Music, books, comics, football, TV and movies.  It never ends.
I'll have to pack in work so l've got time to fit everything in.

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whole lotta love with the police academy guy

I saw this on The Afterword site (although they nabbed it from Dangerous Minds), and it's unbelievable.  The guy from  Police Academy (Michael Winslow) doing drums, guitar, and and vocal to Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' with musician Odd Nordstoga on the Norwegian chat show 'Senkveld'.
I bet Robert Plant wishes he could still sing like that.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

the columbian womens cycling new outfit

The new Columbian Womens Cycling outfit / kit.
Calm down at the back, it only looks see through, but the designer must be taking the piss, and l bet he (for it is bound to be a he) can't believe he has got away with it.
Tweeted here.

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kenichi ebina dancing on america's got talent

Now this guy is good.
Kenichi Ebina showing how it's done, and busting (see how down with the kids l am?) some moves l have never seen before.
From the Chicago auditions for America's Got Talent.

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