Sunday, 17 August 2014

the story on the wall and enlarged graffiti

I love this sort of stuff.  Someone did a line of graffiti on a wall in Jerome street, London, and then added another line of text to the story whenever it was painted over.
Genius, although l did a similar thing years ago with a small cartoon graffiti which then got painted over, so l proceeded to redo the cartoons, making them bigger with each reapplication, with a message saying that they would increase in size if they were painted over again. It developed into a battle of wits, which l won, until  l got bored of it. I also know that l would have derived a lot more enjoyment out of the battle, as  the shop owner must have been pulling his hair out in frustration, and the police never caught me doing it.
Of course the days of doing stupid stuff like that are long gone, as l am now respectable (sort of), but l was way ahead of my time.

toodle pip

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