Wednesday, 23 April 2014

the bradley watch - feel the time

As part of my job, l am sometimes tasked with buying watches for the visually impaired.  These are normally talking watches of various designs, and l have used them myself to find out the time when l am in bed without having to switch on a light.
Although these Bradley watches do not speak the time, they can be understood by feeling or looking at them, and they also look pretty cool, so l can imagine plenty of hipsters wearing them in the future.
As for me, l don't even own a normal watch, as time doesn't rule me.  l don't need a watch to 'feel the time' as l can do that through the cosmic vibrations around me (and all that kind of stuff), but l'll admit that if these were cheaper, l would consider parting with my hard earned money for one (and l am also far from a hipster).
More information about them here.

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