Monday, 7 April 2014

out in the boro

Out with Mr Robinson yesterday in the Boro, just chilling out a bit and chatting about life in general, although we also had bets on The Grand National and got food on the way home.  If l hadn't been so confident with my bet, and stuck it on each way instead of on the nose, l would have at least won a bit (as the horse finished third), but it was a case of all or nothing as far as l was concerned (and no - l won't learn any lessons from my stupidity).
I went through early, as Robbo asked me to drop some money off at his brothers, so l decided to head straight through after the drop, as it was a bit pointless returning home again and just hanging about.
After a chat with Kerry, a taxi was ordered, various pubs around town were visited, we had dealings with dodgy blokes on bikes, and at the end of the evening, the selection of food from Hot Wok was better than expected, with the manageress coming over and chatting to us for quite a bit, so we may well frequent that particular establishment again in the future.
That's about it - nothing too exciting, although Robbo's ulcer didn't explode (always a bonus), and we didn't return wrecked, even if he still managed to fall asleep for Match of the Day, and l agreed to babysit at the end of the month, so maybe we were more tiddly than we thought.  I'll have to slip something into Mr C's night time drink to make sure he sleeps until the following morning.

toodle pip

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