Friday, 4 April 2014

the biased news

Channel 4 had to apologise for running a news item a few weeks back when it was revealed that three of the four 'members of the public' they interviewed for some on-the-street voxpops were actually all employees of the same PR agency, Livity. Which, coincidentally is where the interviewer himself had previously worked.

 Bad practice, sure, but it's not a patch on ITV. During the teachers' strike last week, ITV interviewed a 'random' working mum, Fiona Jull, and poor Fiona told them all about how she had had to arrange emergency child care. That wouldn't be the same Fiona Jull whose PR company represents Emergency Childcare, would it? Why, yes it would! Not that ITV bothered to tell viewers.

No wonder l'm cynical
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