Tuesday, 18 March 2014

training at newcastle

Damn!!!  I'm certainly not used to this.
Having to drag myself out of bed at silly o'clock so l can drive to Darlington and catch an early train to Newcastle each day, because l have got six days of training at the University, and have to be there for just after 9am.
I'm used to lying around in bed in the mornings, not this kind of nonsense!
I know most people live in the real world and have to get up early five days a week, but that is exactly what l have been trying to avoid for god knows how many years.  Luckily for me, the training is spread out over a couple of weeks, so l've got three earlies this week, two next week, and then a final day on the following Monday.
It also involves looking at computer screens most of the day, and much as l love computers, it's too much for my tired eyes when l am meant to still be in bed.
Still........Two days just completed, not back there till Friday, so it's back to late nights and lie ins till then (and l'll be watching the 'glorious' Manchester United tomorrow night).

toodle pip

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