Friday, 14 March 2014

the eddie and the hotrods tour

In a previous life, this is what myself and Lammy were up to many, many moons ago.  Following the mighty Eddie and the Hotrods, who had rather fantastic support from Radio Stars and Squeeze.  All three bands were great to see, and all were very friendly, even going so far as to let us help set up the equipment, and have a kick around football match with them. We were invited to go along with them to their last gig in Portsmouth (we were in Swindon at the time), but for some mad reason we declined, as we wanted to get home.  Idiots.
Obviously Squeeze went on to bigger and better things, Eddie and the Hotrods ended up being swept aside by punk, and no-one remembers Radio Stars these days, but each had their own individual appeal.
Now where the Hell has the time gone?

toodle pip

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