Monday, 3 March 2014

comics and leeds

Three of about 30 comics l purchased this Saturday at the comic fair held in Leeds Town Hall.
Robbo and my good self travelled were there for the fair (once he eventually arrived), but we also met my brother as it was his birthday (and he conveniently lives in Leeds), so l could give him some money for his upcoming holiday.  We all only had a couple of drinks after the comic hunting, as Robbo needed to get back, and my brother was under strict instructions not to drink too much, as he and his wife were going out for a meal that evening.  Robbo then dropped me off at White shops for a few ales, as Jisum were playing at JT's, and l couldn't be bothered going to Richmond to see the other band at The Ship.
Pretty much stayed in bed and the bath all day today, reading and then watching TV. Thankfully l have only got Monday at work before l am off for another couple of days, so no doubt lots more reading (and comic sorting) will be done.
I'm a mixture of a rock and roll idiot hellraiser, and a nerdy stay at home geek, depending on how the days off take me.

toodle pip

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