Tuesday, 31 December 2013

the state of the colburn lodge at the moment

Obviously l could not have taken these pictures myself, as it would have been trespassing and illegal, and l would never break the law of the land.  However, as they have somehow arrived in my possession, it would be amiss of me not to post them up for all to see.
The Colburn Lodge, a favourite old drinking establishment of mine in Catterick, as it was a couple of days ago.
The talk is that it is going to be re-furbished, re-opened and selling meat, but also have some kind of eating place within.
No doubt we will find out soon, but it is a shame that it is no longer going to be used as a pub, as many a cracking night has been had within those walls, especially when 60 Squadron used to be based over the road from it.
Trust me, it could be as mad as Mad Jack McMad himself (but in a good way!).

toodle pip

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