Wednesday, 4 December 2013

the daily mail get the obvious wrong (again) with the class of 92

Never trust everything you read and see in the newspapers or on TV, that's one of the many rules l have lived my life by, along with 'What would Keith Richards do?'.  Above is a fine example of why, even if it is sometimes waaaaaaay too easy to pick on The Daily Mail..
Their website had a big feature on the new DVD 'The Class of 92', which is a documentary about Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, David Beckham, Gary and Phil Neville, and Paul Scholes, the six Manchester United players that came through the youth ranks to be a success in the first team .  They were coached by Eric Harrison, and he is quoted and acknowledged, but in the middle photograph above, despite the fact that he is wearing a tracksuit top with his initials on, he is named as Alex Ferguson.  Alex is the one in the bottom photograph when the scene is recreated, but let's face it, is a completely different person.
The error has now been amended, no doubt after numerous complaints, but If the paper can't get simple things like this right, why should you trust or believe anything else they say?  Especially with their one eyed, right winged, spittle mouthed racist agenda.  I may get things wrong and have my own, sometimes crackpot views, but l am a blithering drunken idiot, not a national newspaper, so not a lot is expected from my long suffering keyboard, whereas a lot of people believe what they read in the paper, and vote accordingly, without questioning anything too much.  Then the bleeding Tories get in, so the working class and disadvantaged get shafted yet again (but not in a good way).
Time for that long awaited revolution brothers and sisters.

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