Saturday, 23 November 2013

the manchester united sun socercards



I've mentioned the Sun Soccercards before, because of their grotesque portrayal of the rather magnificent Willie Morgan (on the wing).
Now l am not in any way paranoid,imagining that the artist (or The Sun newspaper) had it in for the Manchester United players, as there were plenty of unflattering portraits amongst the series, but take a gander at a selection of some of the United players above.  Jimmy Rimmer looks like one of the undead, and Gorden McQueen looks like he is going to explode.  Compared to them, Denis Law (the King) and Willie Morgan didn't fare too badly. I could paint better pictures by dipping my hair in a paint pot and randomly flicking it at a canvas while blindfolded and hung upside down naked (don't ask me how l know).
That to me, screams that somebody had an agenda, and if not, why on earth did they think that kids (who the cards were aimed at) would love to own them?
Apart from me of course, but then again, l'm an idiot horder.

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