Friday, 15 November 2013

the insult - rupert thomson

Rather like the last book of Rupert Thomson's l read (The Book of Revelation), l thought there was too much gratuitous sex, but maybe l'm just a boring old sod.  I'd have probably loved it when l was younger. As for the story itself, it was top notch, and kept you interested and trying to guess the outcome all the way through.
Martin Blom's tale is told in the first person, and he has woken up in hospital after being shot, to be informed that he has lost his sight, which is irreversible.  His specialist (Dr Visser) explains that Blom may have hallucinations and think he has regained some sight, and most of the book concerns itself with Blom believing he can see when it's dark, but pretending he can't.
After distancing himself from his family and his old life, he moves away, whereupon he meets a girl and makes some new friends.  He then becomes a suspect in the disappearance (and possible murder) of the girl, and starts believing his vision is being controlled by radio transmissions, and he is an experimental case of Vissers.
The last part of the book has a different narrative, about families, rapes and murders, but it all links together at the end.
Is any or all of it true?  I won't give the game away, but it's well worth checking out, even if you are a bitter twisted git like me who wouldn't buy it full price (see my review of the Revelation book).  It will probably be found in your local charity shops (where l found my copy), so start searching.

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