Wednesday, 13 November 2013

the death of gareth williams

This one is going to run and run for the conspiracy theorists.  A codebreaker from MI6, Gareth Williams, did not turn up for work and was not reported missing for a week.  When his naked body was found at his London flat in August 2010, it was so decomposed that the cause of death could not be established.
Did l mention the naked body?  Oh yes! But there's more!!
The naked body was inside a red sports holdall, but not only that, it was padlocked from the outside, and was in his bath.  None of Mr Williams' fingerprints or DNA were found on the lock, but despite being judged as an unlawful killing by coroner Fiona Willcox in May 2012, it has now been classed as an accident after a three year evidence review by the Metrepolitan  Police.
There are still some unanswered questions about how he was found by his landlady on one occasion in his boxer shorts, tied to his bed and unable to free himself, and why he had expensive womens clothes in his flat when he apparently did not have a girlfriend (but he could have had one in the past).
Male or female Prostitutes?  Kinky sex games?  Amateur escape artist?  Killed by spy type badies?
Who really knows, but speaking as a fan of magic tricks and escapology, that's one hell of an accident. There's a video on the Daily Mail site showing how to lock yourself into a bag similar to the one used, but l'd have thought the lock be covered in fingerprints and DNA afterwards.
My original post after the first verdict is here.

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