Sunday, 17 November 2013

the bar bill at mortons private club

Spencer Matthews from 'Made in Chelsea' (whoever and whatever he/that is) has tweeted a bar bill from Mortons private club in Mayfair, which shows the amount paid as £488706.08.  Now this might not be his bill, it could be printed out as a laugh, and some on t'net think the bill was actually £48,706.08.
The thing is, even if it was printed out as a laugh, it is not too difficult to imagine some posh bastards on a night out spending that kind of money.  A Methuselah of vintage Crystal goes for about £40,000, so the bill can soon start totting up, especially if you are flashing the cash, sharing the booze, and trying to impress people. I thought l was living the high life in New York a few years ago ordering $300 bottles of champagne (I blame the drugs), but this is ridiculous.
England has always had an elite hierarchy, and a gap between the  poor and the very rich, but the current government is making the gap between them expand  at an alarming rate, while simultaneously trying to victimise the poor, sick and vulnerable members of the society they are meant to represent.
Meanwhile, the rich have the time of their lives, and inhabit a different planet and mindset.
Time for a revolution brothers and sisters.

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