Saturday, 16 November 2013

psychics and rock stars getting charged

There were two bits of news today that may well be the start of something larger.
The first one was the conviction of Sylvia Mitchell, a 'clairvoyant', who has been jailed for up to 15 years for conning vulnerable people out of their money, saying that their 'attachment to money' created 'negative energy'.  Of course the people were idiots for believing her and handing over large amounts of money to her (one handed over about £75,000), but it is still fraud, and if l had my way, a lot more would also be charged, and who knows, after this case, may well be.

Sylvia Mitchell

The other news is that the now 72 year old Roy Harper, an English folk singer who has sang on Pink Floyd albums and is a close friend of Jimmy Page, has been charged with having sex between 1975 and 1977 with a girl who was 12 when it started. (a charge he denies) and will appear at Hereford court on Monday.
If they are going to start arresting non light entertainment stars now, there are quite a few rock stars that will be crapping in their satin loons, as there is plenty of proof of underage sexual exploits amongst some of the most famous bands in the UK (with Jimmy Page and Bill Wyman being two that should be more than a little worried).  It will be interesting to see how this line of enquiry develops in the future.

Roy Harper

Saying all that, if someone is named and shamed, and there is enough evidence, they should be bought to court and given a chance to free their name, and not have the allegations drag on for what must seem like forever for them.  Some of the Operation Yewtree cases need to have closure of some kind pretty soon, one way or the other.  If they are guilty, they need to be sentenced. If innocent, they need to be exonerated.  As it is, most will never live down the allegations no matter how their cases pan out, and some of it just feels like a witch hunt.
Watch this space.

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