Sunday, 17 November 2013

me being a senile old git and forgetting about rupert thomson books

l am definitely losing my marbles, my memory, or both (have l already written this?).
One of my recent second hand purchases was 'Soft' by Rupert Thomson, as l have been reading some of his other works, enjoyed them, and thought l would read more of the same (as you do).
One tiny snag is, once l started reading it, l realised l had already read it.  I had completely forgotten l had, and can hardly remember anything about it, apart from it involves an addictive drink. I blame the different covers (and God).  They confuse a senile old git like me.
Now l don't know whether to feed it to my parrot in disgust, or just crumble, admit l am a doddery, drooling, half mad imbecile, and read it again.
The trouble is, if l re-read it, l feel as though l am wasting valuable time that could be spent reading something else that l haven't already read, as l always have a pile of books waiting to be cracked open, and life is short.
Time for my nap, l'm getting a headache thinking about it..

toodle pip

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