Wednesday, 13 November 2013

dazzle ships

Dazzle ships.  It's not just an album (as us senile old folks call them), but also a way of painting ships so that they are off-putting to the enemy.  Nowadays, tracking equipment and missiles are more advanced, but back in the olden days, a submarine would have to work out where the ship was heading to and how fast, so they could work out where to aim the submarine missiles.  Hence the crazy designs, which distorted the ships speed and direction.
I'd have thought it would be better with some kind of tilted mirror design, but what do l know?  I can argue the case for what constitutes a boat, and what is a ship for ages, with no satisfactory answer at the end of the argument (or one that satisfies me), so don't get me started on ship design and camouflage.
As for the OMD album, l'm not that keen on it.

toodle pip

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