Friday, 4 October 2013

the walker library

A clutch of fossilized dinosaur eggs

A field surgeon’s kit from the American Civil War

A first edition Encyclopedia Britannica, published in 1768

A French map from 1692 that depicts California as an island

A full skeleton of a juvenile raptor (about the size of a cat) - 45 million years old

A globe of the Moon signed by 10 of the 12 astronauts to have walked on its surface

An Egyptian wooden sarcophagus (approx. 1800 BC)

An original backup of the first artificial space satellite, Sputnik

First image of the eye of a fly through a microscope, published in Hooke’s Micrographia (circa 1666)

Flag flown to the Moon and back on Apollo 11

Hand-painted illustration of Noah’s Ark from the Nuremburg Chronicles, the first illustrated history book (circa 1493)

I've written about The Walker Library before, but l am so envious of the contents, that l am going to do so again.  If l was a multi millionaire, the contents feature the sort of stuff l would collect, and l also love the way it is displayed. I'm pissed off l don't live near its location in Stamford, Connecticut, as l would love to visit the place (school trips are welcome), but they would have to frisk me properly, otherwise some of the items might be leaving with me attached to my jam covered sticky fingers. As far as l am aware, this is the resulting accumulation fired by Jay Walker's imagination, curiosity (and money). If l still had a cat, l would go and boot it in frustration.
More about the library and it's contents here.

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