Tuesday, 1 October 2013

the kinks and counterfest at stockton

I'm back at long last!  I've been off work (holidays) for the last couple of weeks, but l'll stick to a few small updates.
One of the nights out was at the Counterfest day in Stockton, where 15 of us went up in a minibus from Catterick (full of Wags), but only 14 came back. The missing person was me, as l stayed out later and went back to the Robinsons abode, because l could cadge a lift back with them the next day as they were coming through to Catterick to visit family.
Robbo had earlier come through to Stockton to meet us all, but we lost him at the end, as (it turned out) he went to see Elvis' second set, and l (and others) headed to see The Kinks.
It was a good evening out, lots of drink was consumed, loads of laughs were had, and The Clash, Oasis, and The Kinks tributes were my favourites.
There was an ongoing argument with Lammy because l said the Kinks had loads of top songs, as he stated they only had about 5. He was proven wrong watching them (and dancing!!), as one top tune followed another, but at least he admitted he was sadly mistaken at the end.
Me? Wrong?  Perish the thought!!
I couldn't find decent videos of the Kounterfeit Kinks, so l've pasted some of the real stuff.  Enjoy!!

toodle pip

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