Saturday, 12 October 2013

the etymologicon (mark forsyth) and l am the secret footballer (dave kitson?)

Two of the books that l got for my birthday from Louise and Dazzer (and Lolly).  I read 'The Secret Footballer' in one sitting, and found it pretty interesting, as it enlightened me with the odd detail l wasn't aware of beforehand, such as top players having their boots broken in for them before they wear them. However, l actually preferred Mark Forsyth's 'The Etymologicon', as it was full of the sort of useless information that l thrive on, even if l do tend to forget most of the stuff afterwards (that will be the old age and drugs). It is also handy for picking up and reading the odd page here and there (especially on the loo). I am appeased!

toodle pip

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