Wednesday, 9 October 2013

glastonbury tickets and the stones at hyde park

So, once again the Glastonbury Festival tickets have gone on sale and been snapped up straight away.  What a surprise. I could rant all night about how safe and middle class it has become, and just another thing to tick off as a social occasion, rather than a gathering of the freaks and the great unwashed (of whom l consider myself a member).  Once upon a time, back in the olden days, rock music was a form of individuality and rebellion, an outsider interest that would annoy your parents. Now they (mainly the middle class ones) are as likely to attend the festivals as their children. I'd rather there was nakedness, drugs a plenty, and a feeling of chaos, even if it was sometimes a bit dodgy, or your tent got slashed (as mine did at Glastonbury). Much more appealing to me than wall to wall TV coverage, and endless photos of Kate Moss and her ilk slumming it in their wellies, and half of the bands looking and sounding the same. Where are the dropouts and the real alternative folk?  Priced out for one thing.
Check out The Rolling Stones at Hyde park back in the 1960's.  All sorts down at the front, plus some free space.  Now it would be full of 20 year olds and their parents, crushed up and singing along in unison as they all recycle the hits one more time (The Last Time?).  Try getting that close to Mick Jagger nowadays.
Modern life is (in some ways) rubbish.

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