Sunday, 13 October 2013

felix dennis in leeds

Off to Leeds with Rocker yesterday to see Felix Dennis reading his poetry, accompanied with all the free wine you can drink.  I thought there might be a catch (apart from the train tickets costing £22.70), but the waiters kept coming to our table and dropping off new bottles whenever there was the slightest hint that we (or the others on the table) were running out.  The reading of the poetry was a lot better than l expected, and Felix also told some brief tales about people he has had dealings with, such as John Lennon and Germaine Greer. We hit The Stone Roses bar afterwards, then a taxi to my brothers to crash out there.  He couldn't come and meet us as he was working till 11pm, but we managed to entertain ourselves, especially talking to people from Batley in The Ship pub on Briggate beforehand (cheap, noisy, rough and cheerful - and that was just us). Rocker had earlier driven to Northallerton, as we thought we would get a return train ticket each so we could hit the centre of Leeds straight away when we got there. A wise (but expensive) move. I have since had a soak in the bath to rid myself of the Leeds grime, and am especially pleased l decided to take today off work, so l could lounge around and chill out.  Stone me - what a life.

toodle pip

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