Sunday, 1 September 2013

waiting for the footie - some bootle pictures

 The Broadway shops in Bootle with the toy shop on the corner


Two aeroplane photographs of Bootle, with our house marked where the black mark is.

Houses in Marsh lane, just like my grannies (before they were pulled down)

What Bootle was like when l was a kid

While killing time anticipating (and drooling over) the Manchester United versus Liverpool game, l found these photographs on the net, which reminded me of when l was a nipper in Bootle. It was bleak in those days (and not much better now), but l loved it.
Because l am originally from Liverpool but support United, these are the most important games of the season to me.  I can't wait, have been up since the crack of dawn, and l have taken the day off work for the occasion, so let's hope it turns out to be worth it (or someone will suffer).

toodle pip

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