Saturday, 7 September 2013

the real tarzan of the apes and gerald the gorilla

Tarzan of the apes, looking a bit camper and longer haired than the best known Johnny Weissmuller portrayals.
Brothers and sisters, I present to you the largely forgotten Elmo Lincoln (Otto Elmo Linkenhelt), the first movie Tarzan from the 1918 -1921 versions (unless you count Gordon Griffith, who played the young Tarzan).
This was a time when even wild men of the jungle weren't afraid of their feminine side, and who also looked as though they had a more than 'special' relationship with the apes.
Lincoln also made fleeting appearances in a couple of the 1940's Tarzan films, then starring Weissmuller (Tarzan'e New York Adventure) and Lex Barker (Tarzan's Magic Fountain), but was uncredited.
Fame can be so fleeting.

And thinking of special relationships....Gerald The Gorilla, from Not The Nine O'Clock News, featuring the recently departed Mel Smith, with Pamela Stephenson and Rowan Atkinson as Gerald.
Wild...l was absolutely livid!

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