Thursday, 5 September 2013

the hildyard arms

There was a bit of a mix up last night, as l thought it was the last night of The Hildyard Arms pub in Colburn before it gets refurbished. I blame Col Moore myself, but me and a tasty crew of Rocker, Ritchie, Pon, Lammy and Powlie decided to head down there for a few ales to say goodbye to the old place, as we used to drink there years ago when Graham ran it.  We all met in The Wine Bar at White Shops because we forgot the Hildyard wasn't open until 7pm, and then when we did get down there, it wasn't the last night after all, there was only about 4 people in it, and it was still crap. We headed straight back to White shops after one drink.  It was still a good time though, as plenty of ale was consumed, the arguments and tales all kicked off, and myself and Lammy ended up being the last ones kicked out of JT's.
Back to work today, but it's my last shift for nearly 3 weeks, and l'm off out in Middlesbrough at the weekend (and probably the weekend after). Hurrah!!!!

toodle pip

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