Saturday, 14 September 2013

the david heaton resignation

Once again, something in the news seems to make no sense to me, and appears to be so obviously wrong. According to the BBC website, David Heaton, (a tax advisor) was secretly filmed in a sting giving advice on how to avoid paying tax.  It seems he knows what he is talking about, as members of the audience had paid £1,000 each for the knowledge.
Two months later, he was subsequently hired by the government to advise HM Revenue and Customs on tax avoidance, but because of the Panorama / Private Eye sting, has resigned.
Now there are two ways of looking at this. If  he already worked for the government beforehand (I can't be bothered checking), he was caught bang to rights, and should have been sacked, not given the option to resign.
On the other hand, if he didn't work for them, and was explaining how to exploit loopholes (which, lets face it, most rich people do anyway), then he would be an ideal person to advise HMRC, rather like getting an ex burglar to advise on house security, as he obviously knows how to look for tax avoidance schemes.
If anything, the sting proves his past makes him more ideal for the job, as he knows what he is on about.
Either way, the poor will still pay a larger percent of their income to the taxman, while the rich will hire accountants to prevent them wasting their money on such naive altruistic concepts.
Cynical? Me?

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