Tuesday, 10 September 2013

arguing about napoleon (and then the masons)

Napoleon Boneparte with his arm in his waistcoat

I was round at Joe's place earlier today, and we ended up having a discussion / argument about Napoleon Bonaparte (as you do).
Why was Napoleon's arm always in his waistcoat in paintings (and what was wrong with it?)  Did he fight at Trafalgar or Waterloo?  Did he die at Elba or St Helena?  What did he die of, poisoning or ill health?
See what happens when two idiots with only a faint grasp of history get together? I wouldn't mind so much, but we weren't even drinking!!
Anyway, although Joes arguments had me doubting myself, he was exiled at both Elba (where he escaped from) and latterly, St Helena (where he died).  He fought at both Trafalgar and Waterloo (in that order), and died of stomach cancer (like his father), although there were high levels of arsenic found in his body (but this was not due to the wallpaper).
As for his arm, it was in the waistcoat as either a fashion of the times, or it was to do with the Freemasons, and a sign of masonic rituals and membership, whichever you wish to believe (see photos below). It also had nothing to do with painters charging by the limb ('an arm and a leg' expression)
I'm glad to say l was correct with all my statements, and Joe is an idiot.

Some Masonic information

Some more Masonic information

And even more Masonic information and the invaluable source for the above photographs can be found here.
Don't trust anything or anybody!! (and don't get me started on The Illuminati and the New World Order!)

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