Wednesday, 21 August 2013

george best on this is your life - 17 november 1971

What a great find this was!!
George Best on This Is Your Life from 1971, an episode l had never seen before.
I only discovered this about 2.30am as l was about to go to bed, but obviously l then stayed up to watch it. In hindsight, it's funny to see Frank O'Farrell (the then manager of Manchester United) looking so happy, as that was about to end in tears.  Best's disappearances and fines for missing training were glossed over, and where was Denis Law or the other players?.
It was only about a year after this when Best retired for the first time, and although he achieved a lot, and always said he had no regrets about his career, he could have done so much more, and scarily enough, been an even better player if he had looked after himself.
All praise Belfast Jack for putting it up.

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