Thursday, 15 August 2013

charlie brown, peanuts and the smiths

My admiration for the Charlie Brown / Peanuts cartoons by Charles M Shulz is second to none, as l used to spend most of my (meagre) pocket money on the books when l was a nipper, identified with some of the stories way too much, and my crappy 'cartoon style' is heavily influenced by them (for what that is worth!).
Putting the lyrics of Morrissey  together with them was a genius idea, and it has been superbly realised by This Charming Charlie in this here tumblr page, where there are plenty more to be found.
As in many things in life, l wish l had thought of it first, and, although l do like The Smiths, the amalgamation of the lyrics and cartoons highlights how poignant (or just downright miserable) Morrisey's lyrics are.
By jove, Morrissey was easily mocked (and still is), but he sure was good.

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